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Our success is serving you up quality

Century Recruitment have a dedicated hospitality team of experienced consultants who have a shared target, ‘to achieve customer satisfaction’. We have never forgotten the principal of ‘first impressions count’. We always want to ensure we find you the right person, first time around, so we do not waste your time or ours.

We match talent and qualifications with experience and aptitude. It is always a better fit if the candidate knows what they’re doing and enjoy it. People matching is not a science, we at Century Recruitment believe it should be driven by ‘work ethic’.


We don’t use jargon or psychometrical profiling. We are a people business and use our vetting system to simply find the best available and offer our clients the support they need to thrive.

We offer a range of high-quality staff to meet the needs of the employers, locating and identifying the correct staff for you based upon the needs of your business. We make sure that the response to every request exceeds your expectations.

We aim to provide exceptional candidates, with talent that dovetails your business objectives and provide a recruitment process which seamlessly integrate our staff member into your business. We want to offer candidates who will add value to your organisation, as part of an extension of your human resource. We also want to ensure you grow at your own speed and build your business on temporary, permanent or contract staff depending on your business needs. Our vetted candidates, all go through the same rigorous scrutiny to support the high-profile job roles our candidates are often required to work in.

Century Recruitment provide all our clients with a shortlist of thoroughly vetted applicants, recruited from a short brief to meet their requirements. We ensure all our candidates are thoroughly briefed and inducted before introducing them to any of our clients. This is supported by our own inhouse profiling vetting service, with over 13 years of candidate recruiting experience.

We supply staff in the following areas.

Weekend workers

Night shift

Job share

Temporary workers

Contracted workers

Permanent staff

Self-employed event workers

We grade all our staff to ensure our clients only get what they requested, so to find out if you are worth money in your field enrol today.

We supply DBS vetted candidates who stand out from the crowd, ensuring we maintain quality, security, and professionalism.

Certified – Personality – Character – Honesty – Professional –

Integrity – Qualified – Customer Centric

Our agency uses a range of candidate data, technology, and profiling intelligence to simplify our recruitment process.

Training & Development

Our agency is a registered CPD Accredited Training provider.

The workers we supply all receive the necessary accredited industry training for their role.